Discover an Expanded Showroom and a World of Design Possibilities

Located in the heart of The Houston Design District, Fabric House has recently expanded its showroom to 9,400 square feet, offering an extensive collection of fabrics, wall coverings, window treatments, hardware, bedding, and unique artisan finds. Locally owned and founded by award-winning interior designer Connie LeFevre, Fabric House has become a premier destination for the trade and the public, providing endless options for transforming any space.


Expanded Showroom and Curated Selection:

Fabric House takes pride in curating one of the largest collections of both residential and commercial fabrics in the region. Their extensive range of options caters to every style and taste. At Fabric House, the abundance of choices spanning from luxury silks and linens to texture fabrics and trims to upholstery and window coverings, as well as contemporary and traditional fabrics, and handcrafted artisanal pieces, showcase their dedication to providing a solution for everyone. In addition, Fabric House also boasts a large range of wallcoverings, from industrial-inspired designs to rustic wood, 24-karat gold, LED, and murals. New lines such as Quadrille, Pavy, Anna Marie, Fenwick Bartel, more Kravet, and LeFevre Shades and Fabrics have been introduced, further enriching the selection.


Enhanced Organization for Quick and Easy Shopping

With the increased space, Fabric House has implemented organizational improvements to enhance the shopping experience. Performance fabrics have been organized by color from all the lines and located in one section, as well as outdoor fabrics are conveniently grouped together, making it quicker and easier to find the perfect solution. Whether you are looking for durability or aesthetics, Fabric House has made it effortless to discover the right fabric for any need. There are separate sections with signage for all the lines and a map to make navigating even easier.


Innovative Features and Customizable Options

Fabric House embraces innovation in interior design by showcasing the latest advancements in technology and home automation. LED wallpaper, motorized drapes, and shades are some new advancements Fabric House offers. The motorization can be activated by remote control or voice; examples are displayed in the showroom. The LED electrified wallpaper is customizable, as are many fabrics and wallcoverings. And the addition of customized window coverings and bedding made for you in our workroom and installed offers one-stop solutions.

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Artisan Finds and Collaborative Atmosphere

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Owner, Connie LeFevre & Showroom Staff Nancy Rivas, Fatima Rivas & Darlene Gregory

As a proud member of The Houston Design District, Fabric House contributes to elevating the overall shopping experience in this vibrant and thriving design destination. The Houston Design District, spanning several city blocks, is a hub where creativity flourishes, and where both the trade and the public come together to explore the latest trends and source exceptional products.


At Fabric House, customers are greeted by knowledgeable and passionate staff who are dedicated to assisting with every design need. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking inspiration or an interior designer searching for solutions to a project, their team is committed to providing personalized service and expert advice. The showroom is designed to draw solutions and inspire creativity, with carefully curated displays showcasing endless possibilities.

 Explore The Houston Design District: A Vibrant Hub of Design Excellence

The Houston Design District is an immersive and inspiring destination that brings together a diverse array of showrooms, galleries, and design-related businesses. The district offers a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to every design need, both residential and commercial. With its strategic location and growing community of design professionals, The Houston Design District has become a hotspot for not only the trade but residents and visitors seeking the best in interior design.

You’ll find a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere when you visit the district. The presence of exceptional members like Fabric House ensures that The Houston Design District remains a source of inspiration and innovation. By offering a curated collection of fabrics, wall coverings, and unique artisan finds, Fabric House contributes to the district’s reputation as a go-to destination.

With its expanded showroom and curated selection, Fabric House in The Houston Design District offers an unmatched shopping experience for the trade and the public. The vast range of options allows you to bring your design visions to life, from fabrics and wall coverings to window treatments and artisan finds. The Houston Design District itself serves as a vibrant hub of design excellence, where visitors can explore a wide range of showrooms and experience the collaborative and inspiring atmosphere.

To discover all that Fabric House has to offer and explore The Houston Design District, visit their website at and the district’s official website at

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of fabric options, captivating wall coverings, stunning window treatments, and unique artisan finds. Fabric House in The Houston Design District is your ultimate destination for all things interior design. Visit today and let your creativity soar!

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